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Our Crits Are Real
Female Guild on Venture Co.
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27th-May-2008 11:42 am - I am back!
I posted a couple of months that I was leaving for a bit of WoW downtime, and I am back. I will be sending someone a in-game tell on one of my toons to be invited back, if that is alright- of course.

6th-Apr-2008 04:28 pm(no subject)
elle jay
We need to solve the naming problem soon.
Please submit any really great ideas you have for a guild name using the initials OCAR.

We have to submit 5 names in order of the most desired.
That number 1 choice will be < OCAR > so we can keep our meaning.
The best 4 suggestions will be listed after that in order of number of votes or just how much I like em :P
6th-Apr-2008 02:18 pm - POLLING
elle jay
before everyone starts voting and liking a new name... hold off for a bit.

i really don't want to change the initials to anything. we need to keep it OCAR. even if the proper guild name has something where the "in" or "of" initial is dropped, but so long as ocar-guild.com still fits whatever the name is.

i love nirrti's suggestion of using "OCAR" as the guild name and then we can keep Our Crits Are Real as the meaning on the forum.

if there's any voting it should be for suggestions of OCAR names or using OCAR alone, nothing where the initials change.
24th-Mar-2008 10:52 pm - Forum

I do think we need an individual PvP, RP, Wow Disussion boards when we start expanding upon our new little site. I feel silly posting Rp fluff, un-wow related game fun and Patch info all on the same forum. XD Granted...we need to post much more, but for the FUTURE.

events forum may also need to be sliced into Raid, PvP and RP. ;p

18th-Mar-2008 12:34 pm(no subject)
Hi fellow OCAR! I'm super sorry I never really leveled my alt in the guild/server. ): My friends and I are rerolling so I might consider making them roll on Vco. so I can pvp with you all. :3

Anyways, just a reminder about the TTR (tournament test realm) - its an AMAZING place to practice pvp and arenas. Or just learning about what class roles you have in the arena. All you need to do is DL the patches for the PTR, make a char on the TTR, and voila! You get decked out in season 2 gear (you still have to buy enchants and gems but they are provided at vendors and you have 5k gold to spend). Its also awesomely fun... I totally recommend it if you want to experience arena and you aren't 70 yet - or if you are 70 and want to practice skills. Or if you are 70 and skilled with your class, you get to go against evenly geared people (so skill really does shine).

The PTR is closed, but I'm not sure when the TTR will go down... so go check it out before it does get closed!

You can make up to a maximum of 3 different characters - its a PvE server so you can check out both factions.

If anyone wants a discipline priest on a team for lolz and funz, add Qoi to your friendslist there.
And here's a video I recorded of what you SHOULDN'T be doing in arenas... smacking totems almost the entire game. *facepalm*
A somewhat real match.. except its all about testing! The opposing team wasn't that well played, and my rogue was completely new to mutilate and 2v2ing with a healer.

Hope to see some of you on TTR so I can arena with you all! <3 much.
13th-Mar-2008 08:19 am - Got Facebook?
 Then come play...  http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=9035368165.  Taking the screenies from here to put there all in one place, just for the fun of it.  =)

Dinged 66 yesterday, trying to get to 68 so I can choose my alchemy specialty, alch is already at 350.  Since I downloaded QuestHelper, I feel like I'm flying right along...

Also, just initiated the character transfer of my level 70 hunter, Voodooluv, from Arthas - so I'll be lookin' for a guild invite once that's set.  =)
7th-Mar-2008 11:32 pm - Hola !
 1. hmm... Melanie's the name, Kelustur is the game, young buck, 21

2. Kelustur, druid, 70, leatherworking...

3. I own at pvp, and I love doing it.

4. Which do you prefer: pvp, slowly getting into raids, instances, and making some gold  but who doesn't love some gold ???

5. Making a guy cry dueling, or just shoving his face in the dirt : P

6. Favorite concert you’ve ever attended: Never been to a Concert

7. 2 unique facts about you:  I have been living with Crohn's Disease for 10.4 years now, and .... nothing else, I'm rather boring, and live under a rock. I rarely watch t.v. and I never listen to the radio.

8. In/finished school? Major?  Junior, Geography Major with Minor in History.

9. What’s your job? Manager at Game Stop, I sell tons of video games, and I look good doing it.

10. What are you looking to get out of the guild? Any expectations or concerns?  Fun community, with gaming women, that enjoy gaming, low drama, low hormones, making the guild a safe zone, where thoughts are heard, and things are said without repremands.
7th-Mar-2008 08:29 am - LW's?
So I have a bee in my bonnet *grin* (wouldn't that suck??? i mean REALLY!  First off to have to wear a bonnet, and second off to get a bee in there?  WTF??) and I want some boots that have to be crafted, and no one has any on the AH - does anyone have the pattern for Thick Draenic Boots?   They're nothing fancy, but I have a yearning to have one complete set for like the first time in my WoW history...  >.>

Dinged 65 this morning, and my lockpicking is up to 325, there's no stopping me now! =)
6th-Mar-2008 09:50 am - Guild bank Alchemy clean up
I went through this morning and removed many of the duplicate stacks of pots that I noticed were not being used, to give us some more room in the bank.  I have the extras in my personal bank, and I'll check every morning and refresh as needed.  As always, if any special pots are needed, just send me a message or catch me online, and I'll get it right to you!
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