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Our Crits Are Real

Female Guild on Venture Co.

Kalimdor, Eastern Kingdoms, Azeroth
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The PVP Women's Guild: World of Warcraft - Venture Co.

a b o u t     u s


This community journal is primarily for communication between guild members of Our Crits Are Real on The Venture Co. server.
We stemmed from the group wow_ladies and hope to continue their tradition of encouraging female gamers in WoW.

Your lovely mods are for___real & marskitt3ns so if you're interested in joining the guild, message them.
This is a PvP guild, we're not concerned with raid progression.
We want to fight in the cities (preferably theirs), battlegrounds, and Arena (eventually).
We're focused on being a feminist and a pro-women guild so if you're a woman and want to PvP, or just learn how, come join us!

o f f i c e r s & i n f o

Guild Mistresses = Prynne & Asellus

Officers = Chiawai, Nemhaine, Nirrti, Pettal, Sekhmet.

((Message anyone of these lovely ladies in-game for a guild invite.))

* When we have more info this will be updated!

* If you're interested in becoming an officer, please message for___real or marskitt3ns.

r u l e s

(1) You must have a livejournal to be in the guild. It's free and easy to set-up.
There's no requirement to write in it, but you must be able to read friends-only posts and easily communicate with other guild members through ourcritsarereal.

(2) Because we are looking out for the gaming experience of women in WoW, we prefer that you in RL be a women joining. Special exceptions may be made by a Guild Mistress.

(3) There is no tolerance for degrading comments based on sex, sexual orientation, religion, ect.

(4) In the LJ - Keep the drama low. We know it happens, but try to save it for your personal LJ entries.
In guild chat - Keep the drama low.
Any problems are subject to an officer's final decision (whatever that may be - ending conversation, guild suspension, ect.)

(5) After being accepted into the guild, within 24 hrs, please fill out the intro post survey and post to ourcritsarereal.

i n t r o     p o s t

1. Name & Age

2. Character info (name/race/class)

3. PvP experience lvl

4. Which do you prefer: pvp raids, world pvp, BGs, dueling, or do you just wanna learn first

5. Favorite thing about being a girl

6. Favorite concert you’ve ever attended

7. 2 unique facts about you

8. In/finished school? Major?

9. What’s your job?

10. What are you looking to get out of the guild? Any expectations or concerns?