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4th-Mar-2008 05:29 pm - woah more news
elle jay


and so does everyone else under 70!

i would like to run BRD as i have a pile of quests for there... i'll pug with randoms but i'd much rather socialize and have fun with you ladies... i'll be on this weekend so if you wanna run it with me (either cuz you're at the right level or cuz you're a lovely 70 and love running us thru stuff so much you cant help yourself) then leave a comment when you're available and i'll try to be on then too.

friday or saturday late-night (after 7pm central) are always the best for me.
4th-Mar-2008 02:26 am - Discuss: Guy Debate + Project Mayhem
Emo Elly
Anon comments allowed on this one anyone can comment without giving themselves up.
As it stands now we've got a brother Guild called Noodle Vendor. We've tried to get them linked through the common channel. Some people want the guys admitted as members. I myself am against it right now pending a better solution. Right now there are 3 male signifigant others (SO) who want to join.

What we are not debating: letting any random guy in. No not ever. End of story. Violates the spirit of the guild,
Who currently can join: Anyone that Identifies as female and promises not to be a jerk. Anyone who doesn't disrupt the guild, we've got gender queers, glbt and such here, no problems with that since founding.

There's a mod out there called Guild2Guild which would let us relay the chats. Those without the mod would see who's relaying teh chat and what is said, those with the mod see the 2 guild chats as one seamlessly. That said I'd like to keep the guilds seperate but I was wondering what yall think. I know some what inclusion but lets consider an alternative. Would anyone be against linked gchat through this mod? Bast and I have been playing with it and it seems to work well enough, its self configuring and can be turned off. The downside is since they're not in the guild our officers cannot kick them, but they can cut off the chat.
Why this: no one used the OCAR channel we had setup for that. It also maintains our guild as female only which I would like alot. We're not changing the status quo yet, or for a while unless people feel very strongly.

Item #2
Project Mayhem - Stealth Squad
As a guild we've always had a huge weakness, numbers, the alliance has huge guilds b/c of their looser recruiting policies and older guilds. Stealth is the great equalizer. So Kearney and I were thinking of rolling druid and rogue chars for pvp in the world. Engineering is required by lvl 60 and there may or may not be a custom rank with reduced privilages (so people don't join for the loots). This is purely a pvp endevor with two purposes. One to make it easier for people to world pvp even with bad gear, and two to make ourselves more powerful. Thoughts! Go.
1st-Mar-2008 12:06 am - How about a Lowbie Duel Day?
So my proposition is fairly simple:

I think next weekend all the characters (alts and mains alike) that're levelled 15-30 should meet outside of Orgrimmar and duel.

I imagine this would be hugely helpful to us newbies like myself, and equally helpful to those with alot of PvP experience. Newbies get the oppertunity to learn with people who won't be jackasses and partners that will presumably be very helpful. The girls with alot of experience can re-experience the issues of PvPing with a lower levelled character, which I imagine would help them become better teachers.


Meet you at the flag pole after school, cootie face! :O  

Also, post in your reply what day would be best for you (Friday Night, or the Afternoons/Evenings of Saturday and Sunday.)

And what times (server time) you absolutely CAN'T participate.
I keep looking for a long on the page to post to the community. I haven't messed with LJ in forever. Anyway here is my into survey.

1. Name & Age:  Melanie, older than you.

2. Character info (name/race/class) Botoxia, tauren hunter, Cassglannon troll mage, sabryna undead warlock

3. PvP experience lvl: I hate PVP and avoid it whenever possible.

4. Which do you prefer: pvp raids, world pvp, BGs, dueling, or do you just wanna learn first: I like playing PvE.

5. Favorite thing about being a girl: The ability to see through walls?

6. Favorite concert you’ve ever attended: The only one: Aerosmith.

7. 2 unique facts about you:  I ride a motorcycle,

8. In/finished school? Major? Associates degree in electronics

9. What’s your job? None right now

10. What are you looking to get out of the guild? Any expectations or concerns? My friends begged me to play WOW.
I have a friend, who's been my friend for about six years now. He's funny, has common sense, and is a-sexual which I feel sort of qualifies him for our guild.
He's an exceptionally helpful member of any guild/organization he joins and is freaking brilliant. So what all should I do to have him considered for the guild?

Also, I'm willing to do some commissions for guild members cause I trust you all not to do anything sneaky.
For a little compensation, however much gold depending on the difficulty of the request, I'm willing to draw anyone in the guild's characters. I have more info and examples of my work on my page, though admittedly two are rather old.

Just comment on my journal and possibly send me a tell in game. If I get enough requests I'm thinking of doing a huge guild group picture for free.

And, no, you don't have to pay upfront, pay after you get your picture. XD

Btw, did I mention I'm drawing pictyars of people's characters? ;) ;) (for gold)
20th-Feb-2008 09:38 pm - PVP RAID THIS SUNDAY!!!
This sunday at 2PM (central) we will be having a PVP raid from Strangle Thorn to Redridge Mountains. This of course means anything in between will be laid to waste!

All members are encouraged to join the savageness and brutal demise of the these cities.

We will be recruiting any non-guild members to join in the festivities as well. This will be a slaughter to remember and will go down in the history books of Azeroth.
20th-Feb-2008 12:56 pm - Stuff and Drama
Avatar of Bleh Disgaea cleric
One: guild titles change, they don't mean anything aside from bank access. Today's theme was scientology. Tomorrows is up for debate.... sooooo debate! Funny/interesting ftw.

Also just a reminder, if someone is being a jerk talk to an officer or GM (Prynne and I) either in game or through an instant messanger. Hell you can do it through a dummy char (freshly created lvl 1) if you're afraid of retailiation or something. Just let us know whats going on okay? Either way I'd like to ask the leaders to pull folks aside every so often and ask if there's anything on their mind. So, new duty to everyone with rank!
19th-Feb-2008 10:15 pm - Hola Chicas.
1. Name & Age

2. Character info (name/race/class)

3. PvP experience lvl
Mostly experienced with being a priest in PvP, so I'm going to say almost none.

4. Which do you prefer: pvp raids, world pvp, BGs, dueling, or do you just wanna learn first
I wanna learn first.

5. Favorite thing about being a girl
Scholarships, and my close female friends. Guys never seem really all that deeply connected with their good friends, in that they usually have many friends who are somewhat close, where as girls seem to have the tendency to have one or two close female friends.

6. Favorite concert you’ve ever attended
We Are Scientists/ Art Brut. Eddie Argos is a gawd.

7. 2 unique facts about you
I'm half Korean?
I make art and writings.

8. In/finished school? Major?
I was just accepted to the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, not quite certain on what I wanna make my focus.

9. What’s your job?
People feed me and I do nothing. Also I sometimes go to a thing called High School and sleep my way through the day.

10. What are you looking to get out of the guild? Any expectations or concerns?
Basically, I hate being alone, I get bored questing alone. Um, I'm hoping to learn a lot, so I suppose that's an expectation. My only concern are stupid people (I don't wanna define) but from what I've seen so far it doesn't seem like much of a concern at all.
19th-Feb-2008 10:04 pm - ARR PEE
 Considering I wasted my time last night decking out and leveling my bank alt to look snazzy WITH a MyRolePlay description...I may just be a bit of a repressed RPer....XD Anyone else? 

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