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Hi fellow OCAR! I'm super sorry I never really leveled my alt in the… 
18th-Mar-2008 12:34 pm
Hi fellow OCAR! I'm super sorry I never really leveled my alt in the guild/server. ): My friends and I are rerolling so I might consider making them roll on Vco. so I can pvp with you all. :3

Anyways, just a reminder about the TTR (tournament test realm) - its an AMAZING place to practice pvp and arenas. Or just learning about what class roles you have in the arena. All you need to do is DL the patches for the PTR, make a char on the TTR, and voila! You get decked out in season 2 gear (you still have to buy enchants and gems but they are provided at vendors and you have 5k gold to spend). Its also awesomely fun... I totally recommend it if you want to experience arena and you aren't 70 yet - or if you are 70 and want to practice skills. Or if you are 70 and skilled with your class, you get to go against evenly geared people (so skill really does shine).

The PTR is closed, but I'm not sure when the TTR will go down... so go check it out before it does get closed!

You can make up to a maximum of 3 different characters - its a PvE server so you can check out both factions.

If anyone wants a discipline priest on a team for lolz and funz, add Qoi to your friendslist there.
And here's a video I recorded of what you SHOULDN'T be doing in arenas... smacking totems almost the entire game. *facepalm*
A somewhat real match.. except its all about testing! The opposing team wasn't that well played, and my rogue was completely new to mutilate and 2v2ing with a healer.

Hope to see some of you on TTR so I can arena with you all! <3 much.
18th-Mar-2008 08:34 pm (UTC)
It should be noted that you can delete any character and make a brand new 70 to screw around with as well. :D

I reincarnated Sekhmet there as Aishwarya and goofed around in the Arena. I even fought against Manhattan and she super sized my cat before her team killed it off!

....and I have to say...I HATE the layout of the Nagrand Arena with the Pillars...No wonder Hunters suck there.
18th-Mar-2008 08:39 pm (UTC)
Yup yup ^_^
and just frost trap around a pillar and kite around that :D

.. i hate when hunters do that T_T i'm like.. lulz so slow... hunter keeps kiting my partner and i get viper stinged like whee

I'll add you :D
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